Huai'an boosts agricultural modernization
2016-11-07 16:11:00

Huai'an agriculture bursts into unlimited vigor and vitality thanks to modern marketing approaches such as planting rice through online crowd funding.

The Huai'an municipal CPC Committee and government put forth the "4+1" agricultural development strategy comprising "quality rice, high-efficiency gardening, large-scale livestock and poultry farming, specialty aquaculture" and "recreational agriculture".

Agricultural experts tested soil and formulated fertilizers accordingly across the city. And efforts were made to protect the soil, clean water sources, support large family farms, and strictly implement green and ecological standards. The purpose is to ensure the high eco-quality of bulk agriculture produce such as rice, vegetables, livestock and poultry.

At present, there are 1.54 million mu (102667 hectares) of vegetables in Huai'an with the output of 4.13 million tons.

It has built 11 demonstration livestock and poultry farms according to the Agricultural Ministry's standards and 217 demonstration bases for ecological livestock and poultry farming, which produce 3.77 million pigs and 71 million meat birds per year.

There are 760,000 mu (50667 hectares) of fishing area across the city with the total output value of 11 billion yuan. Shrimp and crab breeding dominates the fishing economy and special aquaculture area reaches 600,000 mu (40000 hectares).

After inspecting the Huai'an modern fishery park, provincial governor Shi Taifeng spoke highly of the city's achievements in agricultural modernization.

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