Where to climb a mountain in Nanjing on Double Ninth Festival?
2016-10-08 17:07:00

Bao'en Tower

October 9 is the Double Ninth Festival according to China’s lunar calendar, a festival on which Chinese people have the tradition of climbing mountains, and there are a lot of places you can go in Nanjing for that purpose.

Purple Mountain and Mount Mufu: searching for ancient celebrities

High mountains close to the city are a unique feature of Nanjing's geographical environment. With an altitude of more than 400m, Purple Mountain is the top choice of mountain climbing for Nanjing residents, and the mountain in the city proper with a similar size is Mount Mufu. Recently a new cave was completed on Mount Mufu and opened to visitors, so the residents can enjoy both natural scenery and cultural views on the mountain.

Bao'en Tower and Shangxin Pavilion: old landmarks revisited

Many old famous landmarks in Nanjing disappeared in wars, and some of them have been restored, the Bao'en Tower and Shangxin Pavilion being the most typical examples.

When the Grand Bao'en Temple Ruins Park was completed and opened to visitors in 2015, the Bao'en Tower was rebuilt. Standing more than 90m tall, the newly built tower has 10 floors, and visitors can climb to the 9th floor where they can have a bird's-eye view of the Terrace of the Raining Flowers in the south and the downtown area in the north.

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