Students make documentary to reproduce "Old Nanjing"
2016-08-23 16:58:00

A group of students of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) wandered about the streets a few days ago to shoot a documentary about local people's way of eating, clothing, shelter, transportation and entertainment. They used the camera to look for Old Nanjing and reproduce its most original style.

The "Tracing Old Nanjing" documentary series is made up of five parts, each part lasting for about 8 minutes. The 5 team members visited 5 different types of museums in the city, and interviewed traditional artists within the one-month shooting, leaving their footprints in most of the city's major scenic spots and historic sites.

The team members searched a great amount of information, wrote the commentary, and provided a lot of historical background and interesting tips after completing the shooting, so that people can gain something after watching.

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