Huai'an to build memorial hall for writer Iris Chang
2016-08-17 16:35:00

A memorial hall to memorize the famous writer Iris Chang (March 28, 1968 - November 9, 2004) is under construction in her ancestral home, Huaian city.

The Iris Chang Memorial Hall in the north bank of Guhuaihe River aims to use historical materials and photos to demonstrate the short but colorful life of Iris Chang, with the help of three-dimensional scene and multimedia devices.

The Chinese-American writer is also a world famous historian. Her works The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II, Thread of The Silkworm and The Chinese in America are world-renowned works. "The Rape of Nanking"provides a real review of World War II's most heinous scene, and it is the first documentation of Nanjing Massacre in English-speaking countries. The book has remained in the bestseller list of New York Times for 14 consecutive weeks, and so far, nearly 1 million copies have been printed.

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