Foreigners experience traditional culture in fragrant sachet village
2016-05-17 14:41:00

The innovative technique of fragrant sachet is adopted in cushions.

32 foreigners visited Mazhuang Fragrant Sachet Village at Pan'an Lake on May 14. Mazhuang Village has been recognized as the National Civilized  Village and China's Folk Culture Village, outshining other villages in developing its culture.

In recent years, Mazhuang has been following the philosophy of developing the village with folk culture and encouraging villagers to develop handmade cultural products. Ms. Wang Xiuying, inheritor of Xuzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage, organized the local villages to make fragrant sachets, which innovatively combine the delicate embroidery from Suzhou and Hangzhou with the ancestral secret recipe of over 20 traditional Chinese medical herbs. This distinctively featured "Wang Xiuying Fragrant Sachet" has such functions as mosquito repelling, absorbing moisture, and preventing the cold with its unique fragrance lasting for a long duration. Author:Hao Meng Editor:Dylan