Talented mixed blood girl challenges Chinese language contest
2016-05-11 17:28:00

Fulan's still photo. (Photo provided to jschina.com.cn)

Influenced by the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the increasing numbers of Chinese enterprises in Kazakhstan, China has won favour from more and more Kazakh students. 19-year-old girl Fulan (her Chinese name) is one of them.

Fulan came to China last October to study Chinese in Nanjing University Of Finance & Economics (NUFE). With no language basis, no family or friends, the timid girl has not fully prepared for her life in the strange land. “My Chinese is not good enough…” She mumbled nervously at the beginning of the interview. Fulan had never learnt Chinese before she came to China. Her only understanding of this country was from Kongfu movie. “I used to watch the movies of Jackie Chan and Jet Lee when I was a child and I like them very much.” Movies drew an illusion of the mysterious country for young Fulan and when the time came, she chose the studying program in China without hesitation.

When asked why coming to Nanjing rather than some first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai in China, Fulan blinked a while and asked back “Isn’t it fate?” The girl who believes in fate prefers quiet city with rich culture and history rather than busy noisy metropolis.

Source:jschina.com.cn Author:Wang Jingfeng Editor:Amanda

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