Yangzhou artists enlisted as candidates for ‘Asia-Pacific Master Craftsmen’
2016-05-11 15:48:00

lacquer inkstone work

lacquer painting

The list of Chinese candidates of the third Asia-Pacific Master Craftsmen was released recently, among which there are three national arts and crafts masters from Yangzhou.

This is the first time that Yangzhou artists get on the shortlist since the first Asia-Pacific Master Craftsmen was held.

The three candidates are Zhao Rubo, Jiang Chunyuan and Zhang Yu. Jiang Chunyuan has developed his own artistic style by absorbing the strengths of Chinese painting and applying it to the design of jade carving. And Zhao Rubo is an outstanding craftsman of carved lacquer and woodcarving. As for Zhang Yu, he has created a lot of fine works of lacquer art.

The review activity of Asia-Pacific Master Craftsmen in China was hosted by the Asia-Pacific chapter of World Crafts Council (WCC), which is under UNESCO.

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