The Eaglewood Art Museum of Tianning Pagoda opens
2016-05-05 17:10:00

The Tianning Pagoda in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province opened one palace hall of its fifth floor to public recently.

There are four large eaglewood carving exhibits respectively in the east, south, west and north side of the fifth floor of the pagoda. The whole hall is mainly made of eaglewood. Carvers adopt comprehensive carving techniques, such as circular carving, openwork carving, and stereo hollow carving, to carve the Buddha figures and wood murals of different historic times, reflecting the history of the introduction of Buddhism into China and its development and exchanges with abundant pictures and captions.

Coming from a carving family, Li Fengqiang, is the person in charge of this carving work. He used eaglewood and Phoebe wood as the major carving materials and led a team of over 200 people to finish these works.

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