China’s largest Suzhou-style brick-carving mural created in Nanjing
2016-04-07 16:18:00

A Suzhou-style brick-carving mural artwork, the largest of its kind in China, which was created by Liu Yiming, the inheritor of Suzhou-style brick-carving intangible cultural heritage, based on a painting named Painting of Famous Sceneries in Nanjing painted by Liu Nanping, a noted painter in Yangzhou, was completed at Nanjing Dongjiao State Guest House on the morning of Apr 5.

The artwork with a length of 23 meters and a height of 3.2 meters consists of 124 metal-bricks with an area of 70 square centimeters on its largest side and a thickness of 9 centimeters. The mural contains over 40 famous sceneries of Nanjing, being the largest Suzhou-style brick-carving mural in China to date.

Metal-brick refers to a kind of high-quality floor brick especially for important buildings such as palace in ancient times. As the knocking sound for this kind of fine and hard brick is similar to that of metals, it is called metal-brick. The brick kilns in Suzhou were named as “imperial kilns” by Emperor Yongle (1360 - 1424) in the Ming Dynasty because of Suzhou kilns’ high quality bricks.

“These bricks have the features including long-lasting quality for 1,000 years, free from erosion by wind, frost, snow and rain, and maintaining their brand-new appearance after long-time usage,” Liu Yiming introduced.

Different from previous practices of using brick-carving mural as a kind of embellishment for the construction of gardens and pavilions, this artwork is an independent scenery, making a breakthrough and innovation in China’s brick-carving mural history, Liu Yiming added.

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