Little girls experience the work of tea leaf pickers
2016-03-28 16:23:00

The area around Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is the birthplace of Yuhua Tea. The first pot of Nanjing’s Yuhua Tea was produced in this area. Now, the production skills of Yuhua Tea is listed as a provincial level non-intangible cultural heritage. Seven little girls came to Zhongshanling Tea Factory and experienced the work of tea leaf pickers on Mar 27.

500 g of “Zhongshan” Yuhua Tea has some 45,000 tea sprouts. The female tea leaf pickers would get up very early and work in the tea fields for 13 hours. Even so, they can only pick less than one kg of tea leaves, which can make around 100 g of tea. At this time every year, the factory will hire a team of 150 tea leaf pickers and they can make 10 kg of tea daily. Tea leaves of Yuhua Tea can be picked three times a year while the “Zhongshan” Yuhua Tea only uses tender shoots in spring as the raw material. Editor:Rose