6 underground transfer centers to be built in Nanjing
2016-02-04 14:57:00

Six “P+R” underground transfer centers will be built at subway stations in Nanjing in 2016, which will provide nearly 3,300 parking spaces, to ease the traffic pressure in the urban area.


“P+R” mode is widely adopted in some big foreign cities, by which office workers living in suburbs can park their car at traffic hubs in suburban areas, and go to downtown by rail transit.


For example, Jingtian Road Station, terminal of No 2 Subway Line, is located at the outskirts, and a lot of residents are living around. With the transfer center built, residents can park their car in the center and go to the urban area by subway or bus, thus smoothing traffic flow in the urban area.


The number of cars amounted to nearly 2 million in Nanjing by the end of last year. 310,000 citizens applied for the driving license last year, hitting a record high since 2008. Private cars accounted for 87% of all cars. 19,000 passenger cars were imported to Nanjing last year, increased by 19.2%, according to the data published by Nanjing Statistics Bureau on Feb 1.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Rose