Nanjing solicits Spring Festival couplets for 650th anniversary of city wall
2016-01-05 15:37:00

To celebrate the 650th birthday of the Nanjing city wall and help the application for intangible cultural heritage, Nanjing launched a global campaign on Jan 5 to solicit Spring Festival couplets for its city gates. Based on public vote and expert review, nine pairs of excellent couplets will be hung on the eight main city gates of Nanjing before Spring Festival of the Year of Monkey.

Built in the Ming Dynasty, the existing city wall of Nanjing is 35km long, 5.5km longer than the 29.5km-long city wall in Paris. Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, spent three years preparing for the construction of the city wall, which was completed in 28 years and is today the No.1 city wall in China and the whole world.

The Spring Festival couplets will be hung on the city gates of Nanjing for a month, which is the first time in the city's history. One pair of couplet will be hung on Zhonghua Gate, Xuanwu Gate, Wuding Gate, Taiping Gate, Jiqing Gate, Yijiang Gate and Shence Gate respectively, while two pairs will be hung on Zhongshan Gate, totaling nine pairs for eight gates.


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