Shenzhou Special Taxi uses military parade vehicles in Nanjing
2015-12-01 16:23:00

Shenzhou Special Taxi officially launched its "Shenzhou Guarder Program" in Beijing in October, tried to recruit 10000 veterans nationwide to act as special taxi drivers, and promoted safe special taxis by officially putting into use two vehicles that had been used in the Sept 3 military parade.


Shenzhou Special Taxi's two salute vehicles that had been used in the Sept 3 military parade were delivered to Nanjing by air on Nov 28.


The salute tractors put into market operations in Nanjing this time were the BJ40 models that were used in the military parade commemorating the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression this year, according to sources.


These two military parade vehicles are now being used in the Nanjing market by Shenzhou Special Taxi. Those passengers who were lucky enough to ride them were full of praise for the safety and comfort of such vehicles and the services of Shenzhou Special Taxi. Editor:Rose