Zhenjiang projects shortlisted for intangible cultural heritages
2015-11-20 15:24:00

Nine projects in Zhenjiang are shortlisted as the fourth batch of Jiangsu provincial-level intangible cultural heritage representatives on Nov 19.


The nine projects are Sun’s shadowboxing in Zhenjiang city, Zhao’s two-string Erhu fiddle making technique and Hengsheng vinegar brewing technique in Danyang city, lantern array dance and furniture making technique (fine carpentry technique) at Chuncheng town of Jurong city, Yangzhong flute making technique and Yangzhong puffer fish-eating custom in Yangzhong city, clay sculpture making technique in Jingkou district of Zhenjiang city and lantern array dance in Runzhou district of Zhenjiang city.


Among them, the technique-type projects have their unique characteristics, while the custom-type ones have their strong regional and local features.


To date, Zhenjiang city has established a relatively perfect four-level name-list protection system for its intangible cultural heritage representatives, namely national, provincial, city and county levels. Among these projects, city level ones number 52. 

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Rose