Fu’an flaky pastry of Dongtai
2015-11-16 16:14:00


Flaky pastry is the most famous and popular Fu’an specialty in the street.


Different flavors are marked in different colors.

In Fu’an old street of Dongtai, dim sum in morning tea restaurants steams on the cold winter morning. Flaky pastry is the most famous and popular Fu’an specialty in the street.

Flaky pastry is sold in a nameless old restaurant. 64-year-old Wu Yingming and 62-year-old Xie Yuelan took over this restaurant over 30 years ago.


put in sweet bean paste

5 kg flour and 3 kg boiled water are mixed and kneaded to not be sticky. After dividing the dough into pieces, the dough piece is rolled and put onto oily dough. Then the dough is rolled to be tubular, divided into pieces and rolled again. At last, salty filling made of fried green onion and dregs of fat or sweet bean-paste filling can be added.


The pastry are fried three times with different temperatures.

The pastry should be fried under three different temperatures. Therefore, it will have good flavor, being crispy outside and soft inside, according to Wu.

“We make hundreds of flaky pastries every day. In the twelfth month and first month of the lunar year, we will be extremely busy, for we get up at 4:00 am to prepare pastries for a lot of customers from other cities,” said Xie.

Tired though, Wu and Xie insisted on making flaky pastries to suffuse the old street with rich fragrance.

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