Zhangjiagang to embrace folk art
2015-10-31 14:44:00

The 6th Yangtze River Folk Art Festival, a highlight of the 2015 China (Zhangjiagang) Yangtze River Culture and Art Festival, will be inaugurated in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, on Nov 1.


Held once every two years, the six-day event is a regular activity for the culture and art festival. This year it will include a folk art show, a special show by winners of Plum Performance Award, China's top drama performance prize, and tours in the rural communities.


During the festival, folk art troupes from 12 provinces and cities will present folk songs and dances around the city, featuring Tibet dances, songs of Jiangxi's She ethnic group and Yunnan's Yi ethnic group, hand-waving dances of


Chongqing's Tujia ethnic group, and Anhui's Fengyang flower-drum, enabling local residents to enjoy a folk art feast.


On Nov 6, during its closing ceremony, an award party for a



The organizers said that the Yangtze River Folk Art Festival has happened five times since 2004 and showcases the folk cultural heritage, history as well as customs of Yangtze River area. Its aim is to introduce the Yangtze River culture to more people and become a platform for cultural exchanges too.

xiaoxi (story-telling with songs and dances) and


xiaopin (Chinese skit) contest will also be held.

Source:chinadaily.com.cn Author:徐瑾 Editor:Rose