Jiangsu Sino-foreign cooperation in education makes achievements
2015-10-14 15:35:00

Jiangsu Provincial Education Department showed its achievements in Sino-foreign cooperation in education on Oct 13. It was the earliest to carry out Sino-foreign cooperation in education, it has the most organizations and projects in Sino-foreign cooperation in education, the best courses jointly run with world famous schools, and best assessment result of the cooperative project over the past more than 30 years.

Jiangsu was the first province that carried out and promoted Sino-foreign cooperation in education. Nanjing University worked with Johns Hopkins University and founded Center for Chinese and American Studies in the early 1980s, creating a precedent in Sino-foreign cooperation in education in China.

Now there are 333 organizations and projects engaged in Sino-foreign cooperation in education in Jiangsu, accounting for 16 percent of the total number nationwide and ranking the first in China.

Jiangsu has put forth efforts to introduce world-class universities in cooperative education since 2011 and made substantial progress. A number of courses and teaching results in Sino-foreign cooperative education have won national and provincial excellence awards.

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Nicky