Copies of UNESCO-listed Nanjing Massacre archives to meet public
2015-10-12 16:36:00

Photo archives of Nanjing Massacre

a paper archive of Nanjing Massacre enlisted in UNESCO’s Memory of World Register

11 archives of Nanjing Massacre are successfully listed in the UNESCO’s Memory of World Register recently.

Ma Zhendu, associate curator of the Second Historical Archives of China, revealed that these 11 groups of archives will be put into a data base and open to the public to let more people see them.

These archives can be divided into three parts, including official archives, judicial documents and research materials. There are firsthand records at first time, testimony of witnesses, written materials, photos and movie records, among which, many archives, with legal effects and through authentication and tests, were used as accusation evidences for crimes’ trials.

The UNESCO, experts from various countries and Chinese researchers pointed out together that, the success owes to the distinct historical clue, authentic records, complementary and mutually-reflected archival data as well as integrated evidence chain.

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