Singers sing songs with construction workers
2015-07-10 16:33:00

40 international young singers from 12 countries and 600 construction workers sang a song together on the morning of July 8 at the construction site of “Suzhou Center” in the Suzhou Industrial Park.

The activity was organized by “iSING! Suzhou International Young Singer Festival”.

The International Young Singer Festival, an important activity for folk cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, is China's first international vocal music festival. It has opened on July 3.

The festival has made a bold attempt in a bid to go deep into folk cultural exchanges and stepped into the landmark in Suzhou – the construction site of “Suzhou Center” for the first time to let the singers interact with workers.

Nearly 600 workers participated in the activity. To prepare for the show, they carefully practiced singing for about two weeks during their spare time. Tian Haojiang, a Chinese opera performing artist living in America, played the accordion at the site as the only accompaniment of the outdoor performance.


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