92-year-old post office reopens
2015-02-06 15:32:00

The Confucius Temple Post Office, located in Jiankang Road, was renovated and reopened, Jiangsu’s media reported on Feb 6. The postal business of the office was moved to the lobby on the south side of the building.  

The decoration style of the new lobby is very similar to that of 100 years ago. In the lobby, there is an iron grill counter, a huge plaque and round chandeliers. It is reported that after renovation, the original space is now a branch of China Postal Saving Bank and the space in the south is now the Confucius Temple Post Office. 

The Confucius Temple Post Office is one of the oldest post offices in Nanjing. The office was established in 1897 and the design and construction began in 1919. The predecessor of Confucius Temple Post Office is the Qiwang Road Post Office. The building was designed by famous British architects. With the expansion project in 1935, the office was named Jiankang Road Post Office and the name was continued until 2001 when Confucius Temple Post Office became the official name of the office. Because of its history, Nanjing’s "1 (branch)" belonged exclusively to the office after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Now the Confucius Temple Post Office is still the first branch of Nanjing Post and its zip code is 210001. 

In the middle of the wall in the post office, there are dozens of old black and white photos about a variety of mail boxes, kiosks and stamps. A number of comic books, notes and stationery of Nanjing as well as creative postcards can also be found at the post office. To follow the trend, the office has slow delivery service through which you can write a postcard or a letter to the future you and that postcard will be sent to you in the future. The post office also offers Confucius Temple tourist passport. You can have it postmarked in various spots, a really fun thing to do!

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