Old Japanese lady wished to “express my blessings for Nanjing people through the pouches”
2014-11-25 10:45:00

Bringing hand-made pouches for Nanjing every year, which suffered from the massacre waged by the Japanese army, the old Japanese lady wished to “express my blessings for Nanjing people through the pouches”.

Ogawa Kikuko, who lost two family members to the bombing launched by the U.S. 69 years ago, fully understands what it feels like to lose one’s families to the war. Every year over the past 10 years, she has more than 20 pouches she makes by hand sent to Nanjing people that she doesn’t know, so as to express her blessings for the city that suffered from the massacre waged by the Japanese army. This ordinary old Japanese lady is conveying her reflection on the war and pursuit for peace in her own special way.

With her families dead during the bombing, she’d be frightened into tears at the sight of planes

The grey-haired Ogawa Kikuko wore plain Kimono and a pair of glasses and smiled before speaking. She said that she sent hand-made pouches to Nanjing people because she herself also felt deeply the miseries of losing her families during the war.

In the summer of 1945 when Ogawa Kikuko was five years old, the U.S. army began bombing Japan and only three of her family of five survived. The planes were roaring down along with bombs, followed by deafening explosions, leaving a permanent scar on the left cheek of Ogawa Kikuko.

“My big sister suddenly leaned forward over me and she never stood up again…” Ogawa Kikuko said she only knew later that the wound on her sister was deadly, and she died a few days later. “When she died, the wounds were filled with maggots…” The old lady couldn’t help but weep when recalling this painful experience.

The scar on her cheek gradually recovered, but the mental trauma caused by that bombing left her in endless pain for a very long time to come. For many years afterwards, she was frightened into tears whenever she saw or heard planes flying by.



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