‘Green development’ of Nanjing impresses world journalists
2014-08-14 17:17:00

The Organizing Committee of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (YOG) held a press conference on August 13 to introduce the ideas of green Olympic Games and practice of sustainable urban development.

Journalists from home and abroad, having witnessed the pleasant changes in Nanjing to welcome the YOG, are more concerned about whether the urban environment would be sustained after the YOG, and how Nanjing will practice the concept of sustainable development in the future.

Most of the 35 Nanjing YOG venues once hosted various world or intercontinental single-sport events. 27 out of the 35 venues will also serve for training. Nick, a journalist from the United States, was very interested that Nanjing makes full use of existing venues. He said he would definitely visit these remodeled stadiums and an important agenda for his visit to Nanjing is to observe how a Chinese city will organize such an international event.

Nanjing YOG adopts shuttle buses and carpooling for travels, which, in Nick’s words, can reduce the impact on urban transportation. Although the hotel he stays is not designated by the Organizing Committee and doesn’t offer shuttle bus services, he can take the subway to the media center for free. He said he has felt in person the progress of China’s urban public transportation.

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