World’s top designer sets office in Changzhou
2014-05-20 16:54:00

Colani at the launch ceremony of Colani Design Institute in Changzhou

Colani Design Institute, named after the famous Germany designer Luigi Colani, was inaugurated in Changzhou Science, Technology and Education Town on May 19.

It is the first time that the world-renowned designer bases his workroom in China.

Luigi Colani, born in 1928, is a top industrial designer in the world who is dubbed "contemporary Leonardo da Vinci" and “designer with god-gifted talents". Colani has designed handles of Canon SLR, Shinkansen trains of Japan as well as world's first monocoque structure sports car.

Colani will work in Changzhou with this team for over 6 months every year, said Luan Chengmin, director of Colani Design Institute.

The institute has powerful German and Chinese teams that will provide high-end professional design for enterprises in Changzhou and other places. Moreover, relying on advanced design concepts and top architecture firms in Germany, it will promote the connection of local design companies with international standards. Editor:Amanda