Korean Chos seek family root in Wuxi
2014-01-13 17:06:00

Compiling a family tree has recently become a popular cultural activity in Luoshe county of Huishan district in Wuxi.

More than 600 representatives of the Zhao’s clansmen from Wuxi, Zhenjiang and Changzhou of Jiangsu province, Wenzhou of Zhejiang province, and Henan province gathered in Luoshe county to attend the publication ceremony of Zhao’s Genealogy.

A 70-year-old far relative of Zhao’s family, Cho Ja Rae (Korean name “Cho” equals to Chinese “Zhao”, both are “趙” in Chinese character), came all the way from Paechon Region of South Korea to worship his ancestors in Wuxi and he gave his relatives in China the recently revised version of Cho’s Genealogy in Paechon Region.

According to the genealogy, the Zhao’s clansmen in Wuxi’s Wanma village are the descendents of Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty, namely, Zhao Kuangyin.

Mr. Cho said that the branch in Korea is the descendent of Zhao Weigu, the grandson of Emperor Taizu. Now his descendents in South Korea are more than hundreds of thousands in population.

The representative of Korean Cho’s clansmen hopes to put the Korean branch into the general genealogy when it is revised again. He also hopes for more communication between the two sides in China and South Korea in the future.
It is learnt that since the 1990s, the Cho’s clansmen in Paechon Region started coming to China in groups to seek for their family roots and worship their ancestors.

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