Park-tour card goes electrical
2013-12-06 16:53:00

The park-tour electrical card for 2014 will be sold from Dec 6, said Nanjing tourism authority. The electrical card, at a cost of 200-plus yuan, allows visitors to tour around 39 scenic spots, nine places more than that of 2013.

Residents can log on NJU.TMALL.COM or EB.NJU.GOV.CN to open the service of electrical tour-card.

The 2014 electronic park-tour card covers the following 39 scenic spots: Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Scenic Area, Linggu Temple, Music Stage, White Horse Stone Carving Park, Nanjing Botanical Garden Mem. Sun Yat-Sen, Purple Hills Observatory, Mochou Lake Park, Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo, Gulin Park, Swallow Rock Park, Presidential Palace, Yuejiang Tower, Zhonghua Gate Castle, Jiuhua Mountain Park, Taiping Museum (History Museum of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (1851-1864)), Nanjing History Museum of the Ming City Wall, Nanjing City Museum, Nanjing Folklore Museum (Gan Xi Mansion), Baochuanchang Shipyard Site, Bailuzhou Park, Pearl Spring Tourist Resort, Pearl Spring Stone Art Gallery, Ming Culture Village (Yangshan Quarry), Tangshan Australopithecus Hole, Yangtze River Goddess Guanyin Scenic Area, Dajinshan Mountain Scenic Area, Fujiabian Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Jinniu Lake Scenic Area, Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Area, Pilu Temple Scenic Area, Palace of Song Meiling, Jiangning Weaving Museum, Tangshan Green Valley, Nanjing Vegetable and Flower Science Park, Nanjing Qiqiaoweng Wetland Science Museum, National Defense Education Center, Li Jianchen Art Gallery, Wei Zixi Art Gallery, Gong Xian Memorial.

The park-tour card of Nanjing has been issued in paper since its appearance over a decade ago.

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