Nine precious relics in Jiangsu forbidden from overseas exhibitions
2013-08-29 15:35:00

  The State Administration of Cultural Heritage recently issued the third list of cultural relics forbidden from overseas exhibitions. Among the 94 articles (groups) of relics on the list, nine were from Jiangsu.

  Historical relics included in the ban are all incredibly precious and delicate. Each article is the single one of its kind and basically priceless.

  Till today, eleven articles or groups of historical relics in Jiangsu have received a ban on overseas exhibitions. Nevertheless, local residents can still expect to see 7 of them in the near future.

  Those eleven ancient relics are now separately stored, with three in Nanjing Museum, two in Nanjing City Museum, one in Nanjing University, two in Suzhou Museum, two in Yangzhou Museum and one in Zhenjiang Museum.

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