Portrait of Premier Zhou from German
2013-07-19 16:13:00

        German painter Roland Borowa poses with his work "Portraiture of Premier Zhou Enlai".

  The memorial hall of Plum Garden New Village received a special gift -- portraiture of Premier Zhou Enlai -- from German painter Roland Borowa, on the morning of July 18.

  Roland Borowa is a well-known painter of original style in German who has held exhibitions around the world for many times. As he married a native Nanjing girl, he yearns for the culture of China and has paid dozens of visits to Nanjing.

  As introduced by his wife Chen Yongmei, Roland has spent 3 months in 2012 to portray Premier Zhou Enlai. Modeled after the official picture of Premier Zhou, the portrait reproduces the demeanor of the former prime minister with a realistic style.

  “The background of this portrait is sunlight, land and rivers, which shows the image of a prime minister close to the masses,” Zeng Jun, deputy director of the memorial hall, explained the painting.

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