Straw made 'formal-free’ furniture
2013-05-29 17:11:00

A set of straw-made “formal-free” furniture (formal, the short for formaldehyde) attracted many people's attention in the graduate design exhibition of College of Art in Nanjing Forestry University on the morning of May 28.

In the exhibition, a series of exquisite light yellow luminaires made of straw plate was particularly eye-catching. In addition, other environmental products like furniture and decorative paintings made by straw plates have also passed physical and mechanical properties tests such as load-bearing, anti-bending, anti-compression and nail holding power. With same functions and durability as furniture made of common materials, the straw-made furniture is qualified alternative for wood and plywood furniture.

Straw-made furniture has high promotional value due to its advantages of “non-pollution” and “non-formaldehyde”.


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