‘Younger sister Lin’ lands in Nanjing
2013-03-22 16:48:00


    Three co-starring actors Jiang Mengjie, Zhou Yi and Xu Shaoyang appeared in Nanjing Normal University to promote the TV series Tattoo, a new drama set in the backdrop of the Republic of China.

  Just like Lin Daiyu who is commonly known as “Younger sister Lin fallen from heaven”, Jiang Mengjie, who portrayed Lin Daiyu in the new version of A Dream of Red Mansion descended on Nanjing on March 21, along with her presence are popular idols Xu Shaoyang and Zhou Yi, who acted Li Wan in the new A Dream of Red Mansions.

  The three actors have changed their common look to more personalized style. Jiang Mengjie and Zhou Yi used to give people an impression of elegance and quietness. However, on spot, Zhou Yi wore a short floral dress in Japanese and Korean style, which added to her a flavor of charm and sweetness. With casual jeans outfit, “Younger sister Lin” looked vibrant and professional. She admitted that was how she dressed usually. The leading actor in the play Tattoo Xu Shaoyang, who has featured in many idol dramas, is always regarded as a handsome rich guy. This time, he went Punk, donning black jacket, leather trousers, perfected with metal accessories.

Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Tiffany

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