Nobel laureate speaks highly of Jiangsu’s development
2012-11-02 16:40:00

Peter Greenberg, winner of Nobel Prize for Physics, highly praised the great changes in Jiangsu during the past 23 years on Nov 1.


“This is a place teemed with towering buildings and well-equipped facilities. It’s such an amazing change within only 23 years. I feel I have gone through a millennium,” said Peter with admiration after experiencing the huge improvement made by Jiangsu in term of transportation as well as mechanization.


Peter came to China for the first time 23 years ago and visited Beijing and Nanjing.


He is now employed by the Nanjing Universities of Post and Telecommunications on Oct 27 and works in “Peter research center” where he leads an innovation team to do research in fields such as phonon lasers and sensors.


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