Brief introduction to China Jiangsu Website
2011-12-14 15:48:00

   Co-organized by Jiangsu provincial committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Jiangsu provincial government, China Jiangsu Website ( was officially launched on December 29, 2001 as a provincial comprehensive web portal, and a local key news websites ascertained by the Information Office of the State Council of China.
   Aiming to establish a comprehensive website as “the first portal of Jiangsu, and No 1 in China”, the China Jiangsu Website determined new concepts with “the latest news, Jiangsu features, broad services, full media and widespread participation” to prioritize contents close to life, netizens, sites and markets and feature characteristics of all-round penetration, full-media show and all-day service. Meanwhile, China Jiangsu Website is also actively exploring ways to integrate multiple modes of transmission for a comprehensive elevation of the authority, locality, originality, interactivity, and serviceability, in a bid to create an online news platform that satisfies both the Party and people and the fourth mainstream media coupled with newspaper, broadcasting and television media.
   China Jiangsu Website is operated and managed by Jiangsu Zhongjiang Network Media Co., Ltd with registered capital of 90 million yuan. With Xinhua Daily Press Group as its relative controlling shareholder, China Jiangsu Website was jointly initiated by Xinhua Daily Press Group, JBC Group, Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, Jiangsu Radio and Television Information Network Co., Ltd, Internet Information Center of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Guoxin Asset Management Group.
   In accordance with the development strategy and general goals of Jiangsu province, the restructured China Jiangsu Website will rely on traditional media and adopt the latest Internet technologies to enhance the online publicity of major decisions of Jiangsu provincial Party committee and Jiangsu provincial government, introduce economic, political, social and cultural developments in Jiangsu province, lead the online orientation of public opinions and provide multi-level and multi-area network information and services. It will give full play to the “flagship” function of web portals and gradually develop itself into a comprehensive web portal, a new carrier of provincial public culture and a new platform for network culture industry that integrates news release, culture spread, business interaction, information sharing and public services. Editor:zhuna

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