Killers ran, but they couldn't hide
2012-02-24 10:11:00

  Nanjing police had armed officers searching the city for "Brother Headshot," in the days after he shot and killed a man to steal the money he withdrew from a bank on Jan 6. The killer is still at large. You You for / China Daily

  Zhang Jun was caught in 2000 after leading a vicious gang of thieves and killers for almost a decade. The story of their exploits later inspired a serial TV drama that aired on CCTV. Liu Guoqin / for China Daily

 Brothers' grim adventures

Between February 1983, when they killed four people in a hospital in Northeast China, and September 1983, when they were shot dead, the Wang brothers reportedly murdered or injured 18 people, including many police officers. (Authorities declined to specify the exact number.)

The duo was a hot topic of discussion when they were at large. Rumors said they could hit any target, and that they had already killed thousands of people.

Wang Zongfang, the older and shorter brother, did not know how to use a gun. His brother Wang Zongwei, however, who was 26 years old when they started their murderous spree, had learned to shoot when he was a soldier stationed in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

On Feb 12, 1983, they committed a simple theft, taking about 1,000 yuan in cash and 30 bags of glutamate from a small hospital shop in Shenyang, Liaoning province. It was a crime that would have landed someone in prison for years but did not warrant the death penalty.

However, unlike an ordinary thief, the brother with the military background had a loaded gun in his pocket. He had stolen the gun from a prison in Shenyang about seven years earlier. When the two were caught stealing at the hospital, Wang Zongwei took out the gun, killed four people and injured three. The brothers then fled. Police tracked them down five times, but each time the brothers escaped - at least twice on bicycles.

No one knows exactly where they hid over the seven months. Sightings were confirmed in Beijing as well as Hubei, Jiangsu and Jiangxi provinces, from North China to central and southern areas. Several more lives were taken along the way.

In May, the Ministry of Public Security put out a second wanted poster for the Wang brothers. Unlike the first, this one offered a reward of up to 2,000 yuan.

At the time, the monthly salary of a person with a bachelor's degree was about 50 yuan.

On Sept 13 that year, the two brothers were seen running into a mountainous area in Guangchang county, Jiangxi, with firearms and money, but no food.

Almost 30,000 police officers and militias launched a blanket search of the region.

On the sixth day, the Wang brothers were shot dead. 

Source:chinadaily Editor:乙姗姗

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