Fengcheng River Night Cruise
2011-12-16 15:50:00

The Fengcheng River is a 6650 meter long moat that protected Taizhou from enemy invaders. Currently, the Fengcheng River Scenic Area has become a natural ecological area of the modern city.

The four cultural treasures of Taizhou such as history, local opera, customs and business can all be seen along the river. Old Street Taizhou is located on the east of the Fengcheng River Scenic Area, offering choices of restaurants and local specialties. The Peach Garden is also along the river, with blooming peach trees. The Sea-watching scenic area is also on the river front, among many other attractions. To have a holistic view, you may be interested in taking a night boat around the ancient moat, the ride showcases Taizhou's cultural heritage.

This night cruise takes you for an hour long ride around the city moat. The classic boats look like floating houses. While on the boat you'll be able to enjoy local snacks like sesame seed biscuits and tea. Along the river side, you will see local dance and song groups perform, creating the perfect mood for the ride. The illuminated Sea-Watching Pavilion hypnotizes with its beauty and simplicity.

Management Committee of Fengcheng River Scenery Zone in Taizhou City

Contact tel: 0523-86369031 0523-86363081

Complaint tel: 0523-86363910

Fax: 0523-86363952

Add: No.10, Southeast Garden, Taizhou City

P.C.: 225300

Service hotline: 0523-86363802

Admission fee: RMB 90-130

Source:english.taizhou.gov.cn Editor:乙姗姗

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