This pavilion was originally an ancient home with unique characteristics. Built during the Qing Dynasty, it has exemplary works of wood and stone carvings. Inside, the staircase, rooms, and windows are decorated with different relief effects. The back room, detached from the central building, displays 1001 carved dragons.The house also has some characteristics typically unknown to visitors.[Detail]
On the morning of January 9,the Taizhou Municipal People's Government and the Travel Channel signed a strategic cooperation contract concerning Taizhou's tourist attractions and special human resources broadcasted in the Travel Channel to the world.[Detail]
The scenic region attracts tourists with its well protected environment and natural reserve including its wetland conservation area. The region is convenient in transportation from highway or expressway to train system. [Detail]
This impressive area is a stand alone mountain in the center of Taixing, Taizhou. On the top of the mountain, accessed by a long and steep stairway, there is a Buddhist temple popular among locals.[Detail]
The Fengcheng River is a 6650 meter long moat that protected Taizhou from enemy invaders. Currently, the Fengcheng River Scenic Area has become a natural ecological area of the modern city.[Detail]
The ancient Ginkgo forest park is located in Xuanbao Town, in the City of Taixing under the jurisdiction of Taizhou. The park covers an area of 9,800 acres which is the largest intensive Ginkgo forest in China. It is estimated to have 13,800 Ginkgo trees, three of which are over one thousand years old. About eighty percent of China's Ginkgo output comes from Taixing.[Detail]
Route B:Ancient Ginkgo Forest Park----Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park----Zhangguo Agricultural Park 。 Route C:Hailing Modern Agricultural Park----Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park----Lizhong Water Forest 。 Gaogang Flowers and Plants Garden----Hailing Modern Agricultural Park----He Heng Eco-agriculture Park----Zhangguo Agricultural Park 。 Route A:Ancient Ginkgo Forest Park(to see ginkgo trees over one thousand years and taste food made of ginkgo)----Qinhu Lake National Wetland Park(come soak in the Sanyuan Hot Spring and have fun in the Military Sports Amusement Park 。 [Detail]
Visitors from Asian, European, American and many other countries can be seen on the streets every day.Sometimes an electric adapter, transformer and plug converter are essential.If you are a backpacker, daily supplies necessary for travel should be carefully planned.Many items can be purchased in China, so just bring enough to get you started, remember you need room for all your bargains and souvenirs.[Detail]
Both Xinchang Railway and Ningqi Railway pass through the city of Taizhou. The express passenger trains departing from Taizhou can reach major cities like Beijing,Harbin,Lanzhou,Hankou,Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Hangzhou. [Detail]