Zheng Banqiao Memorial Hall
2011-12-21 10:28:00


Zheng Banqiao Memorial Hall(郑板桥纪念馆)

The Zheng Banqiao Memorial, located at Zhaoyang Town of Xinghua City in Jiangsu Province and founded in November 1983 in memory of Zheng Baoqiao, a calligrapher and a man of letters in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), is a memorial of Chinese historic celebrities.

The memorial has collected 1,214 items of paintings and calligraphies, including 33 items by Zheng Banqiao, 348 items by Jin Nong, Min Zhen, Zheng Luan and Liu Xizai, and 833 items by the contemporary celebrities in memory of Zheng Banqiao and Shi Nai'an

The basic exhibition of the memorial is The Life Story and Artistic Achievements of Zheng Banqiao. On display are Family Tree of the Zheng's in Zhaoyang, the things left behind by Zheng Banqiao, seven different editions of Collected Works of Zheng Banqiao, the reproductions of Banqiao's paintings and calligraphies as well as the research papers, related materials and scenarios, inscriptions on ancient bronzes and stone tablets, and popular legends.

The memorial includes the former residence of Zheng Banqiao, eight rooms in the architectural style of residential house in the Qing Dynasty. The white walls and black tiles of the house and the orchards and bamboos scattering here and there make the memorial maintain the original features of no necessarily to be big for an elegant room and no need to have bunches of flowers to enjoy fragrance. Small-sized shows of paintings and calligraphies are held on irregular intervals in the former residence to popularize Zheng Banqiao's artistic achievements.

This memorial hall was established specifically in memory of Zheng Banqiao, a famed Chinese painter, calligrapher and artist, who lived in the last Chinese dynasty, Qing Dynasty.

Each of his art works could now cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and the hall has collected more than a thousand items not only from him but also from many other painters and calligraphers.

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