Huangqiao Sesame Seed Cake
2011-12-16 15:07:00


   Huangqiao baked sesame(黄桥烧饼)

This quick snack is probably the most exquisite and oldest snack of Taizhou. Considering its age and taste, some may argue that Taizhou is the home of pizza dough.

Huangqiao baked sesame seed coated cakes are divided into two major categories, ordinary and sophisticated. The ordinary include crispy cakes, square cakes, sesame-seed coated cakes and triangular shaped cakes. The cakes considered sophisticated are the ones containing fillings. Leaf lard and fried pork flakes, leaf lard and sugar, sweet osmanthus, longhidou, crab spawn, shrimp meat, and jujube paste are the typical fillings. Editor:吴心海