This quick snack is probably the most exquisite and oldest snack of Taizhou. Considering its age and taste,some may argue that Taizhou is the home of pizza dough 。 Huangqiao baked sesame seed coated cakes are divided into two major categories,ordinary and sophisticated. The cakes considered sophisticated are the ones containing fillings. [Detail]
This delicious offering is among one of China’s six most famous snacks,dating back over 200 years 。 The bun is known for its extremely thin dough and juicy filling. Be careful not to burn yourself or make a mess while eating it. To eat it properly,you should do what local wisdom advises:“pick it up tenderly。 [Detail]
Noodle with fish soup is a popular snack among local residents of Taizhou. The noodles are regarded as the symbol of longevity. Therefore,it is a typical food for birthday celebrations. The murky white broth is the key element of the dish,made from eel,fish and pork. [Detail]
The Jiyan Flavored Lamb,famous for its health benefit,can be eaten within 6 to 8 months. It is believed that the dish can dispel colds and improve kidney functions. [Detail]
Are you brave enough to eat Globe fish?Although globe fish is a poisonous animal,skillful and experienced Taizhou chefs can prepare a premium dish with it 。 According to the legend,the dish is very tempting,attracting attention through its scent. [Detail]
There are two different ways to prepare the shreds of dried tofu,either boiled or simmered. Though the blend is quite diverse,the flavour is delicious 。 Soy sauce and sesame oil can be used as condiments,complementing the overall taste of the dish. [Detail]