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City profile

Taizhou, a great city of culture, and over 2100 years of history.

In ancient times, it was called Haiyang or Hailing. In the early period of the Han Dynasty, Taizhou was established as a county; In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, it became a prefecture, and then in the Southern Tang Dynasty, it was a state, whose name means "the country is prosperous and the people live in peace".

According to the fifth census, the total current registered population of Taizhou is 4,785,759. The resident population is 4,742,737. The ratio between rural and urban population is 3:1.

The percentage of literacy per every 100,000 people with a higher education is 2.51%, 12.75% for those with a senior middle school education, 38.50% with a junior middle school education, and 36.79% with a primary school education.

There are 38 nationalities in Taizhou. 4,779,742 of the total population is Han, which accounts for 99.87% and the remaining 6,017 are minority nationalities, accounting for 0.13%.

Professional technological staff in enterprises above collective ownership level took 32.6% of the employees. There are 5 colleges and nearly 40,000 university and college students to date. The city has 105 various technological creative centers and 14 post-doctoral workstations.

Taizhou is located at the center of  Jiangsu province to the north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River with Nantong to the south, Yangzhou to the west and Zhenjiang, Changzhou and Wuxi on the opposite side of the Yangtze River.

Taizhou administrates four cities: Jingjiang, Taixing, Jiangyan and Xinghua as well as the Hailing District and the Gaogang District. It covers 5,793 square meters with a population of 5,030,000.

Taizhou enjoys a long history of over 2,100 years and has a profound culture equal to its age. Taizhou is known as the land of abundant resources and the birth place of creative minds and gifted talents.

In spite of Jinjiang having a single hill, other areas are all alluvial plains forged by the Yangtze River and Huaihe River. The terrain is high in the middle and low in the two sides. The height of the southern areas along the Yangtze River is 2-5 meters, the height of the middle high sand areas is 5-7 meters, and the height of the northern river areas is 1.5-5 meters. The whole area of the city is 5,790 square meters, including 82.74% land and 17.26% water. The urban areas are 428 square meters.

In Taizhou, the annual average temperature is between 14.4and 15.1, while the highest temperature appears in July and the lowest temperature in January. There is no obvious temperature gap between the southern and northern parts of the city in summer or winter. The annual average precipitation is 1,037.7 millimeters. It rains about 113 days out of the year. However, when affected by monsoon winds: precipitation changes greatly throughout the year in this region.

Generally, Taizhou enters spring at the end of March or in early April; summer comes in early or middle of June; then autumn falls in the middle of September and winter begins in the middle of November. Every year, winter lasts over 4 months, spring 3 months and summer and autumn 2 months each.

Mei Lanfang Park(Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall)is located in the eastern suburb of Taizhou City and is a traditional Chinese-style complex. Mei was born in 1894 into a family of Beijing Opera performers and made his stage debut in 1940 when he was only 10 years old. In his 50 years of stage career,he maintained strong and consistent performance but never avoided working on new techniques. He served as the director of the China Beijing Opera Theater,the director of the Opera Research Institute and the vice-chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles.
This pavilion was originally an ancient home with unique characteristics. Built during the Qing Dynasty, it has exemplary works of wood and stone carvings. Inside, the staircase, rooms, and windows are decorated with different relief effects. The back room, detached from the central building, displays 1001 carved dragons.The house also has some characteristics typically unknown to visitors.
This quick snack is probably the most exquisite and oldest snack of Taizhou. Considering its age and taste,some may argue that Taizhou is the home of pizza dough 。 Huangqiao baked sesame seed coated cakes are divided into two major categories,ordinary and sophisticated. The cakes considered sophisticated are the ones containing fillings.