Each course is individually prepared and the emphasis is on the use of quality ingredients and attention to detail meaning the dishes are all unique in color,aroma,shape and taste. There are many signature dishes of Suzhou that make up a formal banquet Suzhou style and which are renowned throughout China. The second dish of a typical Suzhou banquet is Whitebait Soup. In addition to these formal banquet dishes,Suzhou also has food from Taihu Lake with a difference. There are now 13 magnificent boat restaurants along the fishing harbor offering wide varieties of fresh seafood. [Detail]
Suzhou's Biluochun Tea is one of the ten most famous teas in China . It is locally known as "Fearful Incense" due to the strong aroma of the brew! [Detail]
The red Chinese character ding sheng(sure to win)on the surface makes it easy to identify Rice powder,sticky rice powder,red rice powder and sugar are the main ingredients for the dough and sweetened red bean paste is sometimes used as a stuffing It is said that the cake has had three names over time,using different characters that are pronounced similarly The first name ding sheng gao(settled weight cake)originated in the Tang Dynasty(AD 618-907)in Changshu,Jiangsu Province。 [Detail]
Moye Road Food Street(莫邪美食街)The winter lasted longer than it normally does,but we know that spring has finally arrived because there are loads of sloppy drunks out on the streets. Drunks in every part of the world tend to congregate around bright lights and loud music. Where do you go to get a bite to eat?McDonalds’s is often the answer in Suzhou because it is open 24 hours a day,but it’s a poor answer. And we don’t care how sloppy of a drunk you are. Partiers like the bright lights,but the best food for a night out is found on this dimly-lit street. It’s not open twenty-four hours a day but it comes close. [Detail]
Yangcheng hairy crab(阳澄湖大闸蟹)Yangcheng Da Zha Xie”in Chinese,this huge crab is far better than that of other places in meat and taste,which is reputed as"King Crab".The ordinary one weighs around half catty while the bigger one around 0.7 to 0.8 catty. [Detail]
First constructed in 1773,the 38th year of the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty,the shop was named after the"Rice Fragrance Village"mentioned in a famous classical novel A Dream of the Red Mansions. With a long history,Daoxiangcun is one of the old renowned shops selling Suzhou-style cakes in the city. Add:72 Guanqian Street^。 [Detail]
Squirrel-Shaped Mandarin Fish(松鼠桂鱼)。 As a traditional dish of Suzhou,Squir-rel-Shaped Mandarin Fish is evolved on the basis of the ancient roast fish. With a mandarin fish as the raw material,the chef cuts the fish body into rhombus pattern,and fries it until it is brown. [Detail]
You can choose to eat at a table with chair or on a section of raised floor while you sit on heated mats 。 The bible-thick photo menu offers a huge choice of terrific dishes ranging from tongue to trotters 。 You can choose from the passing trolleys a seemingly unending array of southern Chinese delicacies. Flat breads are freshly baked in the tandori style oven and the kebabs grilled over coals. Be prepared to share a table with others sitting on the raised floor. The choice is wide,the prices are very reasonable and the range of regional cuisines is wide enough to fit the palette of any foodie. [Detail]