Suqian Travel Guide
2011-12-20 10:16:00

Suqian is located in the north of Jiangsu Province, boarding Lianyungang, which is one of the 8 largest ports in China, to the east, Xuzhou, which is the traffic hub in China, to the west, Huanan to the south. Covering a land of 8555 square kilometers, Suqian has a population of 5.3153 million. The city enjoys popularity for it is the hometown of the Great Conqueror Xiangyu of West Chu Period in China.

History: Suqian bears a long history. Archeologist discovered the Xiacaowan Cultural Ruin that human inhabited fifty thousand years ago, and towns of Suqian began to be built in this region nearly 2,300 years ago. One of the emperors of Tang Dynasty (618-907) changed its name from Suyu County to Suqian County in 405.

Suqian Food: Taking the Xuhai style in Su cuisine as the main body, the cuisine in Suqian pays much attention to the taste of salt and fresh and expertise in marine lives.

Local delicacies include “Farewell My Concubine”, which stews chicken with turtles, Qianlong Braised Dog Meat with Bath Chap in Heavy Soup, Spiced Turnip, and Qianlong Tribute Crisp.

Major Suqian Tourism Resources: Suqian has abundant traveling resources and many scenery zones and it was praised by Qianlong Emperor in Qing Dynasty highly.

Tourist Attractions: Suqian has a lot of tourism resources, among which the major attractions are Former Residence of Conqueror Xiangyu, Qianlong’s Palace, and Sanzhuang Grave in Han Dynasty, Hongze Lake, Luoma Lake and Hongze Lake Wetland Natural Protection Zone.

Climatic Features: Enjoying a warm temperate monsoon climate, the city has superior light and heat resources. It has clear four seasons and adequate rainfall, with an annual average temperature of 14.2C (58F). Generally, the temperature during a year may range from -8C (17.6F) to 36.5C (97.7F).

When to Go: every May to October of a year

Special Local product: megranate, crystal hawthorn pastry, Baji peanut

1. Although Suqian do not have its own airport, it can easily get the aid of surrounding airport. For example, the city is only 60 kilometers (37 miles) east of the Xuzhou Guanyin Airport and 100 kilometers (62 miles) south of Lianyungang Baitafu Airport. Nanjing (Lukou) International Airport is a little bit farer. It is about 260 kilometers (162 miles) south of Suqian. Specially the Xuzhou Guanyin Airport, it is only forty minutes' drive to downtown Suqian.

2. Suqian passenger transport company in Huangyun Road (West), west of the city proper, dispatches buses to cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing. Generally, visitors can get from Suqian to Nanjing within three hours, to Xuzhou for about one hour. Editor:吴心海