Lake Luoma(骆马湖)Lake Luoma is situated in Jiangsu Province of the Southeastern China,nearby Suqian City. The lake with its surrounding area is an excellent place for traveling and it has been chosen as one of tourist attractions in the Suqian City. Due to consistent environment protection,the water quality and ecological condition of the lake remains well and the lake water is quite clean. The Lake Luoma Modern Ecology-agriculture Science and Tech Garden was established to monitor and maintain the water quality. [Detail]
In 2002,archeologists found a tomb dating from the middle to late Han Dynasty. Peo-ple buried here are family of Sishui king whose relics were also found in another tomb in the Siyang area. More than 20 tombs belong to the royal family of Han Dynasty and the relics are found in Siyang County. [Detail]
Archeologist discovered the Xiacaowan Cultural Ruin that human inhabited fifty thousand years ago,and towns of Suqian began to be built in this region nearly 2300 years ago. Major Suqian Tourism Resources:Suqian has abundant traveling resources and many scenery zones and it was praised by Qianlong Emperor in Qing Dynasty highly 。 Climatic Features:Enjoying a warm temperate monsoon climate,the city has superior light and heat resources. 1.Although Suqian do not have its own airport,it can easily get the aid of surrounding airport. [Detail]
The park started its construction in 1996 and opened to the public a year later. The park s forest coverage percentage is 67.7% that includes more than 70 tree species and its inhabitants include more than 100 animal species,many insects and plants species. Luoma Lake is near the park and to its west. The park is divided into two parts:the forest with trails for hikers and the tourist entertainment section containing historic relics and entertainment facilities. Since 2001,the park has been listed as one of the National 2-AA tourist attractions. [Detail]
Now, the historic and heritage place occupies half hectare and has been listed as one of Jiangsu s Prestigious Provincial Historic and Heritage sites for tourism. Comments A historic place with a history of more than 2,000 years.[Detail]