Farewell My Concubine(霸王别姬)is a Chinese Peking Opera. A more literal translation of the Chinese title is The Hegemon King says Farewell to his Queen The play tells the story of Xiang Yu,the self-styled"Hegemon-King of Western Chu"who battled for the unification of China with Liu Bang,the eventual founder of the Han Dynasty In the play,Xiang Yu is surrounded by Liu Bang's forces and on the verge of total defeat,so he calls forth his horse and begs it to run away for the sake of its own safety. [Detail]
Suqian occupies a land where was once the critical territory for an ancient Chinese kingdom,the West Chu State,and was the birthplace for its king,Xiang Yu. In China's history,this land was also an important battlefield where emperors and kings fought their enemies. [Detail]
When Dong Zhuo usurped state power and caused the government to sink into corruption,Lu Su sold his land and used the money to help his relatives and townsfolk,while spending his time befriending and acquainting himself with people Political insight In 198 Lu Su came to serve the warlord Yuan Shu and he met and befriended Zhou Yu in the same year. Sun Quan will then declare himself emperor and proceed to attack and conquer the rest of northern China,which was under the control of the warlord Cao Cao. Lu Su's tomb was originally located on the southern end of the hill and was moved in 1955 to a park in the middle of the hill due to construction works. [Detail]
In 2002,archeologists found a tomb dating from the middle to late Han Dynasty. People buried here are family of Sishui king whose relics were also found in another tomb in the Siyang area. More than 20 tombs belong to the royal family of Han Dynasty and the relics are found in Siyang County. [Detail]
In the final years of the Chin dynasty,China was in turm oil,with many ambitious people fighting for control of the Central Plains. When the fighting was over,two people were left-Liou Bang and Siang Yu. The two cooperated,overthrew the Chin government and divided up China. So he ordered his troops to begin singing Chu folksongs,in order to arouse feelings of homesickness among Shiang Yus troops. That night Shiang Yu heard all around him familiar songs of his homeland. He felt discouraged,and his troops no longer had the heart to fight. [Detail]
Suqian is a place where visitors can find many historical and cultural sites related to West Chu State and Han Dynasty. Xiang Yu,the King of the West Chu State,was a well-known histori-cal hero in Chinese history. [Detail]