Siyang white pear fruit
2011-12-29 16:11:00

Siyang white pear fruit(泗阳白酥梨)

Siyang white pear fruit produced in the love of Yuan Zhen experimental site. A testing ground for fruit trees, originally named siyang orchards, state-owned units, assigned to the new century and the beginning of love Yuan Zhen.
Siyang Orchard was founded in 1952, an area of nearly million mu, an area of 2,700 acres of pear trees.

The spring of 1960, the market introduction of Anhui Province Ministry of finishes Yamanashi species, scientific and technical personnel carefully nurtured, coupled with high-quality powder to mention trees, artificial pollination, and use long grafting methods, and gradually cultivate new varieties of Siyang white pear.

Siyang white pear-shaped fruit, with an average fruit weight 350 grams, the largest weighing 1,500 grams, was cylindrical fruit, skin yellow, Shaodai light brown, full maturity was all yellow. The stones is small, tasty fruit crisp, thin and juicy, sweet and fragrant taste Lennon, through scientific testing, fruit contains sugar, light, organic acids, minerals and vitamins, high nutritional value. In 1996,1999 twice in the provincial competitions, the siyang white pear fruit was awarded the title of the provincial superior, best-selling river north and south. Editor:吴心海