Onions spicy shrimp
2011-12-29 15:44:00

Ingredients: Shrimp

Accessories: dry peppers, onions, ginger

Seasoning: salt, chicken, cooking wine, sugar, chicken broth, marked oil, edible oil


1, the prawns to the head, peeled, to control the sand line dry wash water into the hot oil with the red oil, then remove and control Absolute spare, dried peppers are warm Paoshang, onions and cut into sections, cut ginger into into a tablet;

2, sitting ignition into the oil pan, oil heat into the scallion, ginger, dried chili stir-Chao Chu, after fragrance into the chicken broth, salt, cooking wine, chicken, sugar, shrimp, marked oil till the 3 --- 4 minutes, fish out the shrimp into the disk, then

Stir-Ku thick soup poured on shrimp can on top.

Features: Color-Ju red, fragrant flavor, meat is tender.

Daily Tip: shrimp must be freshly prepared, because the shrimp easy to corruption; speeding onions, ginger, dried chilli, the fire not to big, use Weihuo speeding out of geraniol, or paste, and soup is bitter.

Source:www.suqiantour.com Editor:吴心海