Bai Jiu
2011-12-26 13:29:00

Suqian provides a whole range of different  souvenirs for the travelers. This is a city of ‘high
spirits’as a result of its sidtilling of famous brands of Chinese liquor, Bai jiu. The most wellknown brand is Yanghe with its highly attractive blue bottles. 

Shuang'gou Daqu(双沟大曲)

Sihong produced in Jiangsu Province. Shuang'gou Daqu is high-quality sorghum as the main raw material, using special high-temperature saccharification and fermentation agent for the Okuma. Mixed the traditional steaming process, after a long slow fermentation of the old cellar temperature condition, sub-rice pot distillation, sub-cut wine, grading storage, grading storage, carefully mixing additives. Cellar fruity, Miantianganlie, smell harmonization, tail length over the net. The late Qing Dynasty, Sihong pairs Zhen brewed liquor Shuang'gou Daqu wine competition had participated in southeast Asia, was ranked first, and won the gold medal. 1952, 1964 and 1976 at the first, second and third at the national wine selection, Shuang'gou Daqu was named the national wine, and won the national quality food gold medal the same year, the Ministry of Light Industry liquor the quality of competition, it obtained a Gold Award. Editor:吴心海