Crystal Hawthorn Fruit Cake(水晶山楂糕)Zhikou is a township under jurisdiction of Suqian,Jiangsu,and is a famed place where the harvest of hawthorn fruits each year brings the town a national reputation. The product was honored as a Gold Medal Winner at the Panama World Exhibit in 1927 and was titled the number 1 product in a national fruits and products competition in 1959. [Detail]
Siyang white pear fruit produced in the love of Yuan Zhen experimental site. A testing ground for fruit trees,originally named siyang orchards,state-owned units,assigned to the new century and the beginning of love Yuan Zhen. Siyang white pear-shaped fruit,with an average fruit weight 350 grams,the largest weighing 1500 grams,was cylindrical fruit,skin yellow,Shaodai light brown,full maturity was all yellow. In 1996,1999 twice in the provincial competitions,the siyang white pear fruit was awarded the title of the provincial superior,best-selling river north and south. [Detail]
Ingredients:Shrimp Accessories:dry peppers,onions,ginger Seasoning:salt,chicken,cooking wine,sugar,chicken broth,marked oil,edible oil Practices:1,the prawns to the head,peeled,to control the sand line dry wash water into the hot oil with the red oil,then remove and control Absolute spare,dried peppers are warm Paoshang,onions and cut into sections,cut ginger into into a tablet。 Features:Color-Ju red,fragrant flavor,meat is tender. Daily Tip:shrimp must be freshly prepared,because the shrimp easy to corruption。 [Detail]
This is a city of‘high spirits’as a result of its sidtilling of famous brands of Chinese liquor,Bai jiu. The most wellknown brand is Yanghe with its highly attractive blue bottles. [Detail]
Baji peanuts(八集小花生)Baji peanuts are well-known products from the Suqian and the taste of this product is one of the most distinctive peanuts in China. [Detail]
Suqian Food:Taking the Xuhai style in Su cuisine as the main body,the cuisine in Suqian pays much attention to the taste of salt and fresh and expertise in marine lives 。 Local delicacies include“Farewell My Concubine”。 Which stews chicken with turtles,Qianlong Braised Dog Meat with Bath Chap in Heavy Soup,Spiced Turnip,and Qianlong Tribute Crisp Major Suqian Tourism Resources:Suqian has abundant traveling resources and many scenery zones and it was praised by Qianlong Emperor in Qing Dynasty highly. [Detail]