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Introducton of Suqian
2011-12-16 17:17:00
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Suqian is located in northern part of Jiangsu Province, is the world's center of biological evolution is also the center of human origin, known as the Earth "life sacred."

According to legend, the Xia, Shang and Chou dynasties, the ancient tribe Xu Yi in this interest-bearing.BC 113 years, its capital Surabaya, in this kingdom, passing the Five Dynasties 6 Wang, which lasted 132 years. Xia Xiang Qin home county, the Eastern Jin Dynasty set up Suyu County, Tang Daizong Baoying first year since renamed the Suqian.

In the long history of stretching and Suqian light history and brought about numerous outstanding figures Concubine Concubine Yu Xiang Yu and his wife, anti-Japanese hero Yang Sihong to defend Taiwan, the military commander of the artillery, as well as Beijing Opera performing artists, Zhu Rui Song Changrong are all the people Suqian good sons and daughters.

Suqian beautiful scenery, landscape numerous. Emperor Qianlong six under five in south streets for the emperor Suqian, Suqian praise for "the first spring Jiangshan benefits."

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