Jiangsu to push for innovative development
2013-09-18 17:32:00

  The 12th Five Year Plan of Jiangsu Province will make “Innovation” its core strategy in economic and social development and propose to basically build up an innovative province before 2015.

  The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasizes that scientific and technological innovation is the strategic support in upgrading social productivity and overall national strength which should be given priority to in our national development plan. The press conference held by Jiangsu Government on Sept 16 introduced The Plan on Constructing an Innovative Province which was issued in late August and clarified the general demand, main goals and tasks and supporting measures in the course of building an innovative province in the following three years.

  Constructing clusters of innovative enterprises. 100 innovative pioneering enterprises and 10,000 high-tech companies will be cultivated, 1,000 scientific and technological companies will complete the share-holding reform and accelerate the pace of being listed, and more than 10,000 technological enterprise incubators will be built up. Most of large and medium-industrial enterprises and high-tech enterprises above designated size will own R&D institute with more than 10,000 “school–company alliance” established.

  Promoting the industrial transformation. Several industries and key technologies will be ranked as the top in the world with some fields becoming the innovation highland for important national industrial research and development.

  Improving the regional layout of innovation. By the year of 2015, the number of key labs with distinctive features above the provincial level will amounts to 100. The percentage of the first-grade national key disciplines in Jiangsu’s universities will rise to 10%. Also, there will be 100 ‘Professor mayors’ and about 1,000 high-level talents will be sent to the gross-root units. 10 science and technology demonstration areas will be built and the contract turnover of the provincial technology market will reach 80 billion yuan (US$13.7 billion). The provincial output of the high-tech enterprises will take up over half of the overall output of industrial enterprises above scale. In particular, the output of high-tech industries in the south part of Jiangsu will accounts for up to 43% in the total output of above-scale industrial enterprises.

  Improving the environment for innovation. The amount of invention patent per 10,000 people will reach 8 while the number of PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent will reach 1,500. The number of people working in scientific and technological field will exceed 1 million with talent contribution rate reaching 43%

  Strengthening the exchange and cooperation with foreign world in technology and science. Jiangsu will establish a stable scientific cooperation mechanism with 3 - 5 innovative countries and implement 100 international innovative cooperation programs. It will strive for the goal that each main innovative country has a cooperation basis in Jiangsu. It will also support more than 10 innovative pioneering enterprises to establish or merger research institute overseas.

  Strengthening social development and scientific innovation. By 2015, the ability to prevent and cure major diseases of Jiangsu will partly reach or wholly approach the standard of medium developed countries. The energy consumption per unit of added value for industries above designated size will decrease by 20% compared with the end of 11th Five-Year Plan. 100 scientific and technological communities along with 100 scientific demonstration communities will also built up.

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