Tenth anniversary for waterborne highway of Jiangsu
2013-07-10 16:44:00

  Jiangsu provincial government held a press conference to introduce the tenth anniversary for the establishment of water-borne highway in Jiangsu on the morning of July 9.

  Ship routing of Jiangsu reach of Yangtze River was implemented on July 1, 2003, the first time that the management model of marine ship routing was introduced to inland rivers of China. Jiangsu reach of Yangtze River became worthy of the name “waterborne highway”. For the past ten years, by reducing the rate of marine accidents, this “waterborne highway” has totally saved 4.567 billion yuan (US$ 744.421 million) in terms of economic losses, 3.826 billion yuan (US$ 623.638 million) for casualties and 428 million yuan (US$ 69,764 million) for pollution.

  There are 26 waterborne service areas on Jiangsu reach, 60 anchorage and berthing areas are being planned. Jiangsu Marine Bureau has collected more than 10 million yuan (US$ 1.63 million) on its own, set up 12 pieces of warning and information boards with advanced display technology on important estuaries and key legs.

  60 stations integrating cruising, search and rescue, 5 surveillance and assistance bases were established on river. 72 patrolling ships of different classes which can reach the dangerous water area of the port within 15 minutes were deployed. 3 device libraries of oil spill emergency response were established, equipped with 8900-meter oil fence, 1 oil spill recovery ship, and 17 set of oil receiving facility, basically capable of emergency pollution treatment of relatively large scale.

  “Integrated whole process monitoring” was achieved in the air, with 6 networked Vessel Traffic Service (VTS), 25 traffic control radar stations, 5 AIS base stations, 73 fixed and mobile CCTV monitoring points established.

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