Jiangsu to hold large job fair for college graduates of 2013
2012-11-16 16:14:00

According to the news conference held by Jiangsu Provincial Government, the employment work for the college graduates of 2013 will be officially launched on Nov 20.


Co-organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Jiangsu Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department as well as Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Nanjing City, this large job fair will offer about over 60,000 posts for graduates, undergraduates and junior college students.


There will be a total of 532,000 college graduates in Jiangsu province this year, a six thousand increase from last year. As job openings are declining due to gloomy economic situation and the expectation of some college graduates is unrealistically high, college graduates of 2013 will face higher employment pressure.


To promote the employment of the college graduates, Jiangsu will launch joint job fairs among 100 colleges and universities in Jiangsu from the end of November, 2012 to the end of June, 2013, and a total of 466 campus job fairs are already scheduled in 119 colleges and universities.


Jiangsu province also plans to hold specialized job supply and demand fairs by means of holding job supply and demand fairs in different regions and in various categories, periodically holding welfare job fairs and carrying out online employment programs for college graduates.


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